We enter 2013 massively transformed beyond any previous boundaries. Many people experienced an infusion of LOVE on a scale never before experienced. Some experienced a profound paradigm shift from the duality-based illusion that "someone" or "something" would come to "save us" to the wide-eyed awakening that WE ARE THE ONES! This journey from "external expectations" to "internal knowing" took but a nano second, but flipped everything over.

我們進入了2013年 --- 而這是一個所有界線都被超越和改變的一年. 有些人已經經驗到了前所未經驗過的大量的愛的注入. 而有一些人經驗到了一個深刻的 '實相移轉' --- 從 '二元幻象' 中等待某人某事的發生來拯救我們的觀念變成了一個 "原來我們就是自己的救星"的覺醒. --- 這種心路歷程 --- "從對別人和外在的期盼" 轉而為 "從內心去覺知"的改變 --- 只是發生在不到一秒的時間裏, 可是卻改變了所有的事情. (注: 自己的和外在的世界)Now, we are outwardly living the same lives as before, but everything has dramatically changed. We have been thrust into a vastly expanded New Landscape. Our vision has become so expanded, much of what used to be able to grab our attention in the past, is seen as minuscule now. 2013 is a year of profound change as we come into our own as True Ones, and lead the supra normal
lives anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality that have always been intended for us.

現在, 表面看起來我們的生活沒有改變, 但事實上所有事情都已經戲劇化的被改變了! 我們現在看事情的角度擴大了, 我們現在被丟入了一個廣大的視野中. 我們現在想事情是如此的大, 以前對我們覺得很重要的事現在看起來都無足輕重. 2013是一個重大改變的一年 --- 隨著我們逐漸變回 '真實的自己'! --- 而且開始過著一種 '超越現狀' 的生活, 並把心定在更大的 '實相' 當中時 --- 那些一直都屬於我們的實相!

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake, but it can be more accurately described as the Year of the Snake Shedding its Skin. This is because anything which is not honest and authentic will be removed from us on every possible level. Often this will happen with surprising ease; it will simply dissolve away. We are unearthing an incredible amount of long-buried stuff that needs our attention.

2013是中國的蛇年, 但, 更正確一點說 --- 今天是 "蛇脫皮"年. 這是因為所有不誠實的, 不真實的事都會被從我們的各個層面中移除. 而且這些事情通常會在一種令人驚訝的輕鬆狀況中發生. 它自己會自然消失. 我們正逐漸的發現到許多 '真相' 會跑出來 --- 而我們需要去注意這些事情.----------------------------

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