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問: 你好,巴夏 hello Bashar
巴夏: 你也日安! and to you good day
問: 好,我的名字被叫到了兩次,所以我覺得我有點絕望 okay I got my name speak twice so I think I'm desperate sort of
我現在有兩大難題 okay I have two challenges right now
巴夏: 恩 yes
問: 一個是如何活在當下 one is how to be present
另一個難題是如何愛自己 and another challenge is how to love myself
巴夏: 如何愛你自己? how to love yourself
問: 是的 yes
巴夏: 如何活在當下? how to be present
問: 恩 yeah
巴夏: 我能問你一個問題嗎? may I ask you a question
問: 當然 sure
巴夏: 有沒有什麼時候你是沒有處在當下的? is there any time when you actually aren't present
那時你是處在過去或者未來? when you are past or future
你現在是在這裡嗎? are you here now
問: 物理上是的,但我有點焦慮,然後我的腦子一直在轉 physically yes but I have sort of anxiety and then my mind is racing all the times
巴夏: 轉來轉去 racing racing racing
問: 不停思考 racing thoughts
巴夏: 那你的恐懼是什麼?你害怕什麼會發生在你身上? well what are your fears? what are you afraid will happen to you?
問: 這就是我問的 that's what I'm asking
巴夏: 再說一遍 say again
問: 這就是我要問的,我不知道我害怕的是什麼 that's what I'm asking I don't know what I'm afraid of well my fears
巴夏: 你當然知道 of course you do
我會這樣問 I'll ask it this way
從這個提問的線索開始 starting with this line of questioning
你有活在你的最高興奮之中嗎,是還是不是? are you living your highest excitement yes or no
問: 是的 yes
巴夏: 那麼,如果你活在你的最高興奮之中,你又怎麼可能害怕呢? then how can you be afraid if you're living your highest excitement
問: 我不知道 I don't know
巴夏: 所以線索就在這個答案裡 so the clue is in that answer
如果你正在經歷恐懼,你就沒有活在你的最高興奮之中 if you are experiencing fear you are not living your highest excitement
因為如果你真的處於興奮狀態之中 because if you're actually in a state of excitement
在它裡面就沒有恐懼的定義 there is no definition of fear within it
當你經歷恐懼的時候,你就脫離了興奮的狀態 when you experience fear, you have left the state of excitement
你明白嗎? do you understand
問: 恩 yes
巴夏: 所以我會再這樣問個問題 so I'll ask the question again this way
如果你繼續按照你的最高興奮行動,你害怕會發生什麼? what are you afraid will happen if you continue to act on your highest excitement
問: 我從來沒有想過 I've never thought about it
巴夏: 現在想想 think of it now
如果你繼續一直按照你的最高興奮行動,你害怕會發生什麼? what are you afraid will happen if you continue to act on your highest excitement all the time
你害怕可能會發生什麼? what are you afraid might happen
問: 我會成為別人 I will be somebody else
巴夏: 成為別人怎麼了? what's wrong with being somebody else
因為你唯一可能能夠成為的人就是更是你自己 because the only somebody else you could possibly be is more of yourself
如果你按照你的最高興奮去行動 if you're acting on your highest excitement
當你交給恐懼,選擇恐懼 when you give over to fear and choose fear
那時你就不是做你自己 that's when you're not being you
那時你就是做別人了 that's when you're being somebody else
所以既然你已經是別人了 so since you're already being somebody else
你習慣了屈服於你的恐懼 and you're used to doing that by giving in to your fear
為什麼不停止做別人,跟隨你的興奮做你自己呢? why not stop being somebody else and be yourself by acting on your excitement
問: 可能因為我知道我不想成為什麼樣的人 probably because I know what or who or what kind of person I don't want to be
但我還不清楚我想成為什麼樣的人 but still I'm not quite clear about what kind of person that I want to be
巴夏: 但如果你開始至少知道你不想成為什麼樣的人 but if you start at least knowing what kind of person you do not prefer to be
問: 我十分清楚 I'm crystal clear
巴夏: 那剩下的呢?如果你盡你所能,不去成為你不想成為的那個人 then what's left? if you are doing everything you can to not be the person you don't prefer to be
這難道不是說自然而然地,剩下的就是成為你想成為的那個人嗎? would that not mean automatically that what's left is being the person that you do prefer to be
那還有什麼呢? what else is there
問: 我不知道 well I don't know
巴夏: 沒錯,什麼都沒有 exactly nothing
問: 可能這就是我害怕的,會成為那個我不知道的人 probably that's what I'm afraid of that somebody that I don't know
巴夏: 但有很多事情你不知道 but there are many things you don't know
你永遠不會知道一切東西 you will never know everything
你認為在你能夠按照你的興奮去行動之前你必須知道一些事情嗎? do you think you have to know certain things before you can simply act on your excitement
問: 我有強迫症,我真的想知道一切 I have OCD I really want to know everything
巴夏: 你不可能什麼都知道,你不可能知道所有的事情 you can't know everything, it's not possible for you to know everything
事實上,知道一切會妨礙你 and in fact knowing everything is getting in your way
你明白嗎? do you understand?
你沒有給流動留有餘地 you're not allowing room to flow
你沒有給自發性留有空間 you're not allowing room for spontaneity
你沒有給同步性留有空間 you're not allowing room for synchronicity
在你願意邁出第一步之前,堅持要知道所有的事情 insisting on knowing everything before you're willing to take a step
其實是最快的方式阻止自己採取任何行動 is the shortest way to stop yourself from taking any step
因為你永遠不會知道你需要知道的所有東西,你不能 because you will never know everything you need to know, you can't
你的物質頭腦無法知道它需要知道的關於人生的一切東西 your physical mind isn't capable of knowing everything it needs to know to move through life
我可以再問你一個問題嗎? may I ask you another question
問: 請講 yes
巴夏: 你得到過禮物嗎? have you ever been given a present
問: 請再說一遍 pardon
巴夏: 你得到過禮物嗎?比如在你的生日 have you ever been given a present? like on your birthday
禮物,你收到過禮物嗎? a gift, have you ever been given a gift?
問: 沒有 no
巴夏: 從來沒有嗎?在你的生日或者你人生其他事情上,從來沒有人給過你任何禮物嗎? never? no one's ever given you any gifts ever in your life on your birthday or anything
問: 我用一隻手就可以數出來 well I can count it with my fingers one hand
巴夏: 你為什麼從來沒有收到過別人的禮物? why have you never received gifts from anyone?
問: 大概我渴望愛,因為我從未得到過愛 probably that I'm hungry of love because I never get loved
巴夏: 你要從愛自己開始 well you have to start with loving yourself
如果你不愛自己,別人為什麼還要愛你呢? why should anyone else love you if you don't love yourself?
問: 這就是我所說的挑戰 that's my challenges as I said
巴夏: 那麼是什麼阻止你愛你自己呢? so what's stopping you from loving yourself
問: 我不喜歡我自己? - 當然 I don't like myself, sure you do
我不喜歡我自己 I don't like myself
巴夏: 但那只能意味著你不認為自己配得上它 but that must only mean that you don't think you're worthy of it
你為什麼不認為自己配得上呢? why don't you think you're worthy of it
你為什麼不認為你值得愛呢? why don't you think you deserve love
問: 哦,可能是因為我小時候的創傷吧 Oh probably because of my childhood trauma
我一直被我的母親否定,被傷害羞辱 I was constantly denied by my mom and humiliated by hurting
巴夏: 噢,好吧,但現在你已經不再是孩子了,不是嗎? oh all right but now you are not a child anymore, are you?
問: 不,但創傷還在那裡,痛苦還在那裡 no but that trauma is still there, the pains is still there
巴夏: 誰說創傷還在這裡 who says the trauma is still here
是你說的,是你在連接創傷 you do, you're making the connection
你正在創建一個不再存在的過去連接 you're creating a past connection that no longer exists
你在假設創傷還在你身上 you're assuming the trauma is still with you
你創造了一個沒有必要存在的連續性 you're creating a continuity that doesn't have to be there
問: 但有一天晚上,我感到很困惑,我有點想起了那些悲傷的往事,然後釋放它了 but I got confused one night I sort of remembered those sad memories and let it go
巴夏: 但你現在正在創造那些回憶 but you are creating those memories now
你聽我說,你認為記憶是過去的,其實不是 you see you think remembering is of the past, it's not
你每時每刻都在創造回憶 you're creating memories every moment
問: 所以這些回憶可以說是仍然在為我服務 so those memories are still serving me sort of
巴夏: 如果你知道它們現在對你來說不存在,它們就不存在了 they don't exist for you if you understand that they don't exist for you now
因為每時每刻你都是一個全新的人 because every moment you are a new person literally
問: 恩 yes
巴夏: 為了體驗你們所說的過去的記憶,就像它是真的一樣 in order to experience what you're calling a memory of the past as if it's real
事實上,你必須一次又一次地反复去重新創造它 you have to actually recreate that over and over and over and over again
你得說這就是現在的我的一部分 you have to say this is part of who I am right now
這就是我現在的一部分 this is part of who I am right now
這就是現在真正的我的一部分 this is part of who I am right now
你每秒數十億次地在這樣做 and you're doing this billions of times per second
因為你已經建立了一個假設,你必須那樣做 because you have created an assumption that you have to do that
你沒必要,你可以打破連續性 you don't, you can break the continuity
不管發生什麼事都沒有發生在你身上 whatever happened didn't happen to you
它發生在別人身上,因為你真的不再是那個人了 it happened to someone else because you are no longer that person literally
真的,不再是,永遠也不會是那個孩子了 literally no longer and never have been that child
實際上,現在你可以重新認識你自己,重新定義你自己,作為一個完全不同的人,從來沒有過那個過去那個歷史的人you can actually reidentify redefine yourself right now as a completely different person who never had that past who never had that history
如果你了解現實是如何運作的 if you understand how reality works
你每時每刻都是零點,每時每刻都在起點 you are zero every moment, square one every moment
每時每刻從頭開始 back to scratch every moment
它看起來像是你過去的唯一方法就是,因為你在繼續相信並堅持它是你的過去,其實不是 and the only way that it seems as if that's your past is because you are continuing to believe and insist that it is, when it's not
那是另一個與你無關的人 that's another person she has nothing to do with you
你跟她一點關係也沒有 you have nothing to do with her
除了你想與那部分繼續保持連接,你相信那部分會在此時服務於你 except for the pieces that you want to remain connected to that you believe serve you at this point
但如果你相信那部分不再為你服務 but if there are pieces you believe no longer serve you
那麼它們對你來說就不是真的 then they're not real for you
因為它們從未在你身上發生過,你現在的這個人 because they never happened to you, the person you are now
問: 好吧 okay
巴夏: 這沒有誇張,這不是比喻 this is literal, it's not a metaphor
你體驗物理現實的方式 the way you experience physical reality
你體驗時間的方式,是一個副作用 the way you experience time it's a side effect
時間是你意識的附帶作用 time is a side effect of your consciousness
每秒鐘都在穿越數十億個版本的並行版本的你自己 shifting through billions of versions parallel versions of yourself every second
就像電影膠片的幀 it's like frames on a filmstrip
放映機的光必須穿過每一個幀才能創造出運動、時間和變化的假象 where the projector light has to go through each frame in order to create the illusion of movement and time and change
但是這裡的這個幀實際上和後面那個幀完全沒有關係 but this frame over here really has absolutely nothing to do with this frame back here
它們是兩個完全不同的幀 they are two completely different frames
當你決定將你的意識之光投射到不同的幀中 and when you decide to project your consciousness light through a different frame
如果你不喜歡它有關係,你會看到這個幀與其它幀就沒有任何關係 you will see that this frame has nothing to do with the other frames if you don't prefer that it does
這其實就是現實是如何在物理層面上構建的,一次一幀,每秒數十億次 this is actually physically how reality is constructed, a frame at a time billions of times per second
所以每時每刻你得決定你是什麼幀 so every moment you get to decide what frame you are
你如何定義那一刻,在那一刻你又是誰 how you define that moment, who you are in that moment
它必須與你過去是誰沒有關係,它不必與你曾經是誰有任何關係 and it has to have nothing doesn't have to have anything to do with who you have ever been
因為那不是你 because that wasn't you
有吸收一點了嗎? is this sinking in a little bit
問: 恩 yes
巴夏: 讓這個想法滲透到你的心裡 let this idea percolate within you
開始探索,真正開始理解和認真考慮這個事實:你在每時每刻真的確確實實是一個不同的人 start exploring really start understanding and wrapping your mind around the fact that you truly literally are a different person every moment
我知道當你照鏡子時,你會說那看起來仍然還是我的臉 I know that when you look in the mirror and you say well that still looks like my face
這不是片刻之前的那個臉 it's not the face that was there a split second ago
這是你創造的另一個臉,為了創造出連續性的幻覺,你是同一個人的假象 it's another one that you've created to create the illusion of continuity the illusion that you're the same person
人與人格是人造的結構 person and personality are artificial constructs
你如何定義它們便是你如何體驗它們 how you define them is how you experience them
所以你實際上是在說 so all you're actually saying is
在你們所說的過去的某些時候 at some point in what you call the past
有人說服你相信一個信念系統:你在每一刻都是同一個人 someone convinced you to buy into a belief system that you are the same person every single moment
在你其中一個版本中發生的事情也一定繼續發生在你的所有其他版本上 and that what happens to one version of you must continue to happen to all the other versions of you
這是體驗現實的一種方式 that's one way to experience reality
但這不是唯一的方式 but it's not the only way
一般來說,這是完全錯誤的 and it is absolutely false in a general sense
只有你把它當作真理來看,這才是真的 it's only true if you have bought into it as a truth
但如果它不再讓你那樣想,把自己想像成曾經是那個孩子 but if it no longer serves you to think of yourself that way as having been that child
因為它不過是不再與你產生共鳴了 because it simply doesn't resonate with you anymore
而我們所做過的事情也不再繼續為你服務了 and the things that we're done simply don't serve you anymore to hold on to
你完全有權利,也完全有力量放手它 you have every right and every power to let that go
因為對於每時每刻都是新的你來說,它實際上並不存在,直到你說它是存在的 because it actually doesn't exist for the new person you are every moment until you say it does
你完全控制著失去控制的感覺 you are in complete control of feeling out of control
你永遠不會失去控制 you can never be out of control
為了能夠有一個失去控制的體驗 to be able to have an experience of being out of control
你必須處於控制之中,以創造出失控的體驗 you have to be in control to create the out of control experience
這就是你在做的 that's what you're doing
因為你已經深信那是你必須要做的 because you have been convinced that that's what you must do
但在造物中絕對沒有規則說你必須那樣做 but there is absolutely no rule within creation that says you have to do that
你可以決定每時每刻你是誰 you can decide every moment who you are
你可以決定曾經的東西與現在的無關 and you can decide that what was has nothing to do with what is
這完全取決於你 it's up to you
我知道這會讓你花一點練習來讓你的大腦理解現實是如何構成的 I understand it may take you a little practice to wrap your mind around this concept of how reality is structured
沒關係的 and that's alright
但我們會推薦並建議你那樣練習 but we would recommend and suggest that you do practice that
認真思考這個對現實的本質和結構的理解 and wrap your mind around this understanding of the nature and structure of reality
因為當你的頭腦最終領會它的時候,這會讓你自由 because it will set you free when your mind finally grasps it
你可以自由地成為你想要成為的人 you will be free to be who you prefer to be
對嗎? yes
問: 恩 yes
巴夏: 謝謝 thank you
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