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Good morning 康!
May 11, 2011 was a Wednesday
Also on this day elsewhere in the world

Reggae musician Bob Marley dies of skin cancer at age 36. His legacy lives on...in the iTunes playlists of white kids who want to rebel, but, like, in a really chill way. [source]

The Deep Blue IBM computer defeats Garry Kasparov to win a six-game chess match between man and machine in New York. Humans get back at computers in 2011 when a congressman beats IBM's other supercomputer, Watson, at Jeopardy. Winning answer: What is... PWNED!! [source]

Mankind's Greatest Achievements: The wheel, the zipper, agriculture, moon landing, Netflix, the Internet, Chapstick, 康's Day Last Year, fire, literature.

We love you! Abe & team timehop

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